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Performance Issues

As the database grows, you might notice that charts are taking a bit longer to load.  There are several potential remedies to that, starting from the simplest/cheapest:
  • try to minimize using the server PC for other stuff, like running browsers, iTunes, watching YouTube :-)

  • rebuild the indexes by clicking [Settings]>[Rebuild Indexes] within Doxio. This basically defragments the database

  • if images and documents are loading slowly, try defragmenting the documents folder

  • move the documents folder to another PC or network-attached storage drive separate from the server PC so the server PC can concentrate resources towards handling SQL requests instead

  • add more memory (very useful if the server has only 1 GB, less so if you already have 4 GB)

  • make sure your server PC network card supports gigabit ethernet

  • upgrade the server hard drive to a high-performance solid state drive such as Intel X25-M

  • upgrade to a faster server PC such as one with a 64-bit quad-core processor, 4 GB memory and 7200 rpm or better hard drive

  • finally, consider upgrading SQL Server (Standard or Workgroup Edition) if everything else fails.  A typical scenario is a large office with ten or more providers with at least 20 users simultaneously accessing the system. It would be best to hire an IT person for advise before doing this step if only to ensure that there are no other less costly bottlenecks in the system.  It would be useful to run system performance checks on the server before investing in a higher end SQL Server edition