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Connectivity Problems

Loss of connectivity is probably the most common issue with Doxio.  We supply here a checklist of potential problems and possible solutions:

Login Problems

Symptoms:  You are not able to log in on your computer but another user can.

Solution:  Have a user with admin privileges edit your account, click on the [active] checkbox, then click [OK] to re-establish your account with the server

Computer Problem

Symptom: You or an admin can log on directly on the server (the computer on which SQL Server is installed) but neither of you can log on when using a particular computer on the network.

1. Check that the computer has access to network resources such as the web, network printers, and shared folders.  If not, try repairing the network connection or rebooting the PC.
2. Try turning off the firewall and see if that fixes the problem.  If so, you need to configure the firewall to make an exception for Doxio (don't keep it turned off since that will make it a security risk).

Server Problem

Symptom: No one can log in to Doxio on the server, even directly/locally

1. Restart SQL Server by looking it up under [Start] > [Control Panel] > [Administrative Tools] > [Component Services]. Click on the SQL Server instance hosting Doxio, then restart it.
2. Try restarting the server computer, which restarts SQL Server too.
3. If #2 does not work, try examining SQL Server directly using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) from Microsoft.  You will likely need the help of an IT person familiar with SQL Server for this step.  This can happen if the database was corrupted during an outage or a failed restore operation.  As a last resort, try re-installing SQL Server and restoring the Doxio database from a backup.  So, always have a backup!