Here are some sample screen shots from the actual EMR. Click on the image thumbnails to show in a new window or tab.  Click again to zoom.


This first screen shows the agenda view, listing the rooms and schedule (provider-specific)

Charts and Documents Section:

This screen shows an encounter being edited alongside a list of all old encounters (searchable), allowing for copy and paste between them. The old encounters can be filtered. For example, you can view office visits, lab requests, phone calls.  you can search for specific words like PPD to see when the last tuberculin was documented.

Documents and Images

This screen shows an image of an x-ray, shown also in its own window using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.  An image can be anything that you can save as a JPG file: ID pictures, pictures of skin lesions or other visible lesions, endoscopy images, path reports, etc.  They can be linked to charts, sorted and filtered in real-time.

This screen shows how images can be commented/annotated while viewing them.  There are no limits to the number of annotations per image or document. It also shows how you can make updates to the problem list while viewing documents and images

Encounters alongside images, this time along with the problem list for this particular patient, which can be updated on the fly:

The next screen shows a sample image taken using a digital camera, filed into a patient's chart.

This screen shows a scanned multi-page report on the right while an encounter is being written on the left.  Just like the image on the previous screen, an unlimited number of annotations can be made.


This next screen shows how a prescription is written.  Doxio has a limited formulary but new items and dosages need to be entered once only.  The program calculates an estimated date when the prescription runs out based on quantity, number of refills, and estimated 30-day supply.  Refills are even easier: one click to create, another to sign.

Prescriptions may be faxed or printed on ordinary or secure paper.

This screen shows prescription history, formulary and medication lists all on one screen.


This one shows template entry mode for quick documentation, showing how modifiers and real-time filters and pick lists automate the whole process:

This one shows the homunculus template in use for documenting exams. Quickly map out diffivult joints, such as, say the R 4th PIP.  Annotate them in groups (e.g. all R MCP joints) or individually.  Finally, Doxio automatically counts TJC and SJC:


This screen shows all the active tasks for the current user as well as a powerful search function that can show all charts with open encounters or look for specific text in the entire database, or count encounters that contain specific phrases, like "Office Visit" or "Superbill" or "714.0"

Settings and User management

The Settings screen allows for most of the administrative functions in controlling the server and database


Doxio can maintain a practice wide contact database, searchable using names, as well as services and specialties. For example, to look for the Enbrel rep, you might simply tye "Enbrel":

Help Screen

This screen shows the Help window, accessible directly or through right-clicking on different parts of Doxio: