It is our policy not to collect user data except only for the purpose of managing subscriptions.  We have no intention of selling or distributing email addresses to third parties.

We also do not collect any information stored on local user servers and databases, whether deidentified or not.

Doxio client software will scan your network for installed SQL servers and might be blocked by local firewalls for doing so.  This is a legitimate function of the program and will need to be unblocked in order to function correctly.  However, Doxio client software does not and should not make any attempt to connect to the internet.  It does not send any user data to any web servers outside your network.  If it does, please report it to us immediately. 

For the purpose of security, Doxio software should ONLY be downloaded from this website (  If anyone emails you purported "links" for upgrades, go to our website by entering directly on your browser's address bar.  Do not click on links in email.

Our download section links to our account on  After downloading either one of the installer packages, you may scan it thoroughly using your anti-virus software before unpacking the zip files just to be safe.

If you detect any significant security risks with this website, the downloaded software or any of its external links, please email us about it as soon as possible.