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SP2 and DotNET

Doxio requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or later in order to run.  Any PC with Windows XP SP2 or later should have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. 

To check if your computer has SP2, click 'start', then right-click 'My Computer', then click 'properties'.  A window should pop up with the Windows logo on the left and the word 'system' on the right.  Underneath it you should see Windows XP and Service Pack 2 somewhere under that.

If your computer has XP Home instead of XP Professional, you may still run Doxio but you will need top upgrade to XP professional to join a Windows Domain network.

To check if you have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, click 'start', then 'control panel', then double-click 'add or remove programs'.  The list may take a while to populate, then scroll down (its alphabetical) and look for 'Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0'.

Doxio will install .NET Framework 2.0 if it is not present in your system. Windows XP SP2 and SP3 are available from Microsoft.

Mono is a Linux implementation of .Net Framework and might be able to run Doxio.  We have not tested it in that environment.  Let us know if you do.