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More Secure Than Paper

Electronic records, when done correctly, are actually more secure than paper charts, and here's why:

First, users are required to supply their credentials when logging into the system.  If someone leaves the practice, all you have to do is disable the account.

Second, you have the option to store all your live and backup data in encrypted file folders.  In case a drive or a PC gets stolen, the data stays secure and cannot be broken into with currently available technology.

Third, you have the option of storing backups of your entire office onto one or several external drives or online through third-party software services.  If you keep these backups outside the office, you can rebuild your entire office database within a couple of hours (depending upon the size of your practice).

Finally, since your clinic is not hosted on a web server, internet downtime should not be a problem.  You data stays with you.

HIPAA compliance is all you really need to have a bomb-proof office. Click here to learn more.