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Hidden Costs

The yearly subscription is basically what you have to pay.  Bear in mind however, that training time counts as lost revenue and varies from one person to the next.  The design of Doxio is such that context-sensitive help is available throughout the EMR.  Functions are kept as simple and straightforward as much as possible.  Doxio has been designed with simplicity, speed and patient safety in mind. 

Hardware costs are also no more than what you would typically need to set up a modern medical office, so those costs are minimal.

As far as help setting up the local office network, we suggest you contract a local IT guy if you do have never set up a network before.

Doxio is not supported by any third party vendors such as those from the pharmaceutical and insurance industry.  It was designed by the physician, for the physician.  Some EMR vendors might collect your data and sell it as "de-identified information" to interested third parties.  We have no intention of doing that.  Your server stays with you.  Your data stays with you.  You will not be seeing any banner ads on your desktop either.

Finally, Doxio relies on Microsoft SQL Server for its database needs.  A small practice of up to 5 providers should have no problems implementing SQL Server Express (bundled with Doxio) right away.  As the practice grows, there might come a time when SQL Server might need to be upgraded to Standard or Enterprise Edition.  Click here to learn more.