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Cost of Development

Most EMR packages are built around a team of people to handle development, testing, marketing and support.  All these add to the cost of production which needs to translate into higher upfront fees for the traditional EMR software vendor.  Doxio uses the same commercial-grade back-end "engine" as many other high-end vendors use: SQL Server.

It is our philosophy that software, if designed correctly, should require minimal training and tech support.  We designed Doxio based on this principle and believe that we have achieved that goal.  To prove our point, we want you to take it for a spin in your own clinical setting.  No product demos.  No salespeople.  No price negotiation.  No middlemen.  Use it.  Kick the tires.  If you like it, buy it.  If not, we'd like to hear your honest opinion why so we can make the product better.