Doxio is a client application that accesses patient data stored on a server computer running Microsoft SQL Server.  In order to run a clinic, Doxio needs to be installed on each computer that accesses the database.  SQL Server needs to be installed on the server computer that will host the database:

Step 1: During this limited free offer, you have to email us for download instriuctions
(our files are hosted on

Doxio Client (link disabled) (1.4MB) is a much smaller download and does not contain SQL Server.  Get this version if you already have an installed SQL Server or plan on doing your own separate installation.  This is also the version to use when installing on the other computers (a.k.a. clients) in your network to access the server on which the database has already been installed.

Doxio Server (link disabled) (63 MB) contains Doxio Client AND Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. Use this version if you are installing Doxio within your organization for the first time and plan to install SQL Server 2005 Express from within Doxio.

Step 2: Install Doxio

Unzip the downloaded file, then run setup.exe to begin the installation.  After installation, run Doxio.

Step 3: Install or Connect to SQL Server

Click on the SETTINGS tab within Doxio to install SQL Server 2005 Express if this is your first time installing SQL Server in your office.

If you prefer other editions of SQL Server (2008), you may download directly from the Microsoft website.  Click HERE for more information on SQL Server.

If you already have SQL Server installed in your network (or plan on doing your own installation),  you can simply connect to that installed server from within Doxio. You must have version 2005 or higher.

Step 4: Create or Select the Doxio database

After choosing the server, click on [new] to create the Doxio database.  If you already have a Doxio database, click on it to select it.

Step 5: Set up file folders, users, printer settings (if not done previously)

Set up folders so you can work with scanned and faxed documents and images.  Set up the printer page to work with your office letterhead, or create your own. Set up a fax modem on one of your office PC's to be the fax server.

Step 6: Start charting

Create patient records, scan in documents, create your templates, add and manage other users.  Create sample charts first (like "John Doe") to familiarize yourself with the various functions of Doxio.  Test your templates, prescriptions, try doing tasks using these sample charts.  We believe the best way to gain proficiency with the software is to use it with test patients.  Review the screen shots, training videos, and bundled help topics for assistance.  We are also just an email away.