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Clinic Work Area
  is where you enter and view all the clinical information for the patient (demographics, problem lists, all encounters, etc.)

Template Manager
allows you to enter information quicker than you can dictate.  Filter them, group them, arrange them by order.  Templates can be shared between users.  We are providing samples here for you to try and customize for your own style.  We even have a homunculus so you can map joints quickly and count TJC/SJC.

Rx Manager
for quick prescription writing and tracking.  Prescriptions are automatically calculated as to when a refill is expected.  The formulary includes commonly prescribed medications in Rheumatology.  However, adding new drugs to the list is very easy, and you only need to enter it once.  Prescriptions may be faxed or printed on ordinary or security paper of your choice.  You set up the formatting and whether you want to pre-print the letterhead or make your own.

Task Manager
facilitates tracking tasks and reminders for everyone in the practice.  You can assign tasks, link then to patients, pass them to others, prioritize, filter, and postpone them to a later date.

Schedule Manager
organizes the clinic visit schedule.  Each provider has his own schedule template that is freely customizable.

Rooms Manager
keeps track of patient room assignments and facilitate office flow.  You can even set up multiple office  layouts if you have more than one location.

ICD Manager
for ICD codes to be linked with patients for quick coding of encounters, lab and test requests, and superbills.  You can also develop ICD-specific templates so you can document better.  For example, you can link templates for methotrexate and TNF blockers to 714.0 (rheumatoid arthritis).

Document and Image Viewer
Forms, letters, lab reports, written notes, faxes, ID pictures, x-rays, MRI images, CT scan images and reports, you name it.  They can all be filtered, categorized, indexed and linked to the patient they belong to or filed in a separate practice-wide data store.  Doxio uses the power of Microsoft SQL Server in conjunction with Windows File system to index up to 999,999,999 documents in one installation. No more paper charts!  You can also link notes to documents as annotations and set up task reminders for providers when a test result comes in. 

User Manager
regulates who has access to the server and database and what privileges each user has.  Enable and disable accounts, reset passwords with a few clicks (this function is available to admin accounts only)

Backup Manager
Doxio is serious about backup and will remind you if you do not do it daily. It backs up the entire database incrementally by the hour.  Keep two copies in encrypted external drives and rotate them regularly (keep one in the office and the other in a remote location such as your home) and your entire clinic is protected from loss by fire, flood or theft. Be sure to encrypt them so that the drives are unreadable in case they ever get lost or stolen.  Encryption software is available in some versions of Windows.  There's also third party software such as Truecrypt which is available for free.  File encryption is one of the listed HIPAA Technical Safeguards.

Doxio uses its own report generator to print out clinic visits, lab requests, x-ray requests, prescriptions, letters, basically any type of document that you generate with the program.  For the purpose of CMS compliance, Doxio has a separate layout for printing on secure pads.  As we work towards Meaningful Use compliance, we hope to implement computerized order entry and e-prescribing.

Exporter Doxio can export encounters and demographics as a batch to a PDF file (using PDF generating software such as CutePDF), send to a printer or send electronically by fax to another provider without necessitating interfaces.

CheckSum Manager
Every encounter, prescription and task in Doxio has an electronic signature that Doxio hashes internally for authenticity.  If a record is modified through some other means, the checksum function will show it.  This is in compliance with HIPAA Technical Safeguards with regard to data integrity.

Search and Filter
is available in most areas of Doxio. Look up patients, contacts, templates, encounters, prescriptions, ICD codes, Help topics, and tasks.  The results are instantaneous.

is available as a right-click from most areas in Doxio.  You can query Help directly too by entering search terms within it.  We also provide an extensive collection of three to five-minute high-definition demo videos here so you can see how things are done in real-time.