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  • An electronic medical record (EMR) by the doctor, for the doctor

  • Enter data quickly using a modifier-driven template system, fully customizable to the way you write

  • Remarkably easy to set up, use and administer.  Training/demo videos online as well as built-in help topics allow you to learn it quickly on your own time.

  • More reliable and secure than paper charts

  • Very affordable at $495/yr or $275/6 mos per provider, FREE FOR TEN YEARS right now for a limited time

  • Free trial offer for the fully functional program, no questions asked!

  • Simple yet robust document and image management provides easy transition from traditional "pen and paper" offices as well as from other EMRs.

  • Go paperless immediately by scanning in your notes, reports, images, faxes

  • Built on Microsoft SQL Server, it can accommodate one or multiple providers in one installation

  • Not quite ready to use templates?  No problem.  Doxio integrates easily with dictated and scanned handwritten notes.

Retrieve patient records in the blink of an eye, read notes from the PCP for a new patient while another staff enters vital signs and reviews their medications.  Filter your past encounters to find out when a tuberculin test was administered.  Refill medications with a single click.  Pull charts based on criteria such as "diabetes" or "Avandia."  Remotely access your office using third-party software such as LogMeIn.  These are just a few ways an EMR like Doxio will improve your practice efficiency.

You may download and use a fully functional version of Doxio completely free to learn and test for up to a limit of 100 patient charts or 250 scanned documents or pictures. 

To remove this restriction, you will need to purchase a yearly subscription for $875 (or six months for $475).  You get free upgrades and software support. At this price, Doxio can pay for itself within the first month of use in saved transcription costs alone.

Even before you install our software, we invite you to look at our collection of five-minute demo videos to get an overview of our EMR and how it can improve your practice efficiency.

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